Get the best house data at Here you will find real estate listings and rental properties. Trulia also offers “map overlays”. Here you can easily see local schools and their ratings, good and bad neighborhoods, filtered on crime rates and much more. Looking for an alternative? Check out our sites like section down below and let us know which one is your favorite.

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Find the best other websites like Trulia at Webbygram. is a very popular website that facilitated more than 79 million home searches in 2016! With their technologie and local expertise they offer a amazing service where people can buy or sell their house faster and easier. Check their website for real estate listings, market statistics, open houses and much more. So if you are serious about selling or buying your house, then movoto is a great alternative for

    Owner Imtiyaz Haque
    Start date Thursday March 10, 2005

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    Just like Movoto, also offers local expertise and great technology to offer the best possible service to their consumers. You can use their website, app or talk directly to their experts to see if you can find your dream house. Want to know what your house is worth? Ziprealty made that easy for you with their ‘Free home value estimator’. Definitely a great alternative if you are searching for other sites like

    Owner Scott Kucirek & Juan Mini
    Start date Wednesday June 2, 1999

    - Full Profile connect home buyers and sellers to real estate experts. They made the process of finding or selling your house very simple via the: ‘Enhanced Clicks’ model. You can just fill in your zip code and homegain will connect you with the top local real estate agents, easy right?

    Owner Brad Inman
    Start date Saturday March 6, 1999

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