At you can find trustworthy information about medical news and health. There is a lot of content to find. Whether you are searching for info about drugs and medication, or just skin problems and treatments, you can find it all on Want to compare information or just want to find other sites like Then you should definitely check out our sites below.

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    Mayo Clinic is a very popular website where you can find everything related to health. More than 3300 physicians, scientists and researchers share their knowledge and dedicate themselves to Besides health information you can also learn everything on topics such as: health insurance, drugs and supplements, symptoms and much more. Definitely a good alternative for webMD.

    Owner William Worrall Mayo, William James Mayo, Charles Horace Mayo, Augustus Stinchfield, Christopher Graham, Henry Stanley Plummer, Melvin Millet, E. Star Judd, Donald Balfour
    Start date Saturday June 1, 1918

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    At you can find information about health and health advice you can trust. What makes healthline so amazing is the fact that they make their readers think about important topics. To give you an example, we want to quote a title from their blog. “is a vegan diet safe for children?”. Besides having great blogs they also provide their visitors with an ‘symptom checker’, ‘pill identifier’ and the ability to search for an doctor. We suggest you take a look at this alternative website and see for yourself.

    Owner David Kopp
    Start date Wednesday March 31, 1999

    - Full Profile is also listed in our ‘sites like’ list, and is in fact a part of webMD. At medicinenet you can find health and medical information that is produced by doctors, so you know the content is trustworthy. The great thing about this site is that you can the trending topics and ‘news of the week’ very easy. This is particularly useful if you just want to be kept up-to-date with the latest health news. Take a look for yourself and you’ll see why this is a great alternative website.

    Owner WebMD
    Start date Thursday October 17, 1996

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