Wish offers trending fashion to millions of people worldwide. The difference between Wish.com and regular retailers is that you can save up to 80% on your purchases. Want to know other sites just like Wish? Search no more.

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    Zulily.com is a very good alternative webite for Wish.com. Just create your account and browse true all the brands they offer for man, women, kids and babies. Besides fashion, they also offer home decor, toys and a lot more. The best part? The daily deals from Zulily.com can save you up to 70%! So don’t wait any longer and go ahead and create your free account.

    Owner Darrell Cavens & Mark Vadon
    Start date Thursday December 10, 2009

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    Banggood.com supplies customers with a wide variety of consumer goods. Such as, cool gadgets, fashion, electronics, mobile phones and much more. The reason why Banggood is listed as a site like wish.com is because you can save up to 74% on your online purchases. With flash sales, cash coupons and sharp prices Banggood is absolutely worth your while.

    Owner Banggood Network Technology Co., Ltd.
    Start date Friday March 10, 2006

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    For the best deals available you should check Overstock.com. This is listed as an alternative websites because you can save up to 75%. While they offer a wide range of products, they differ from the sites in this list, because they also focus on furniture, bedding and jewelry. So if you are looking to do a home make over anytime soon, Overstock.com is the place to be!

    Owner Patrick Byrne
    Start date Tuesday May 4, 1999

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