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10 Ways in which Technology Improves Education

Technology has not only made our lives easier but has also helped us saving our time. The usage of technology in different fields has brought advancement and success.Using technology in education has a positive impact on students. It has helped students to grasp the concepts easily and they develop a long term learning. How technology can be used in education and what are benefits are discussed below.

  1. Helps Instructors overcome challenges in the classroom

A classroom is composed of a variety of kids. Some students are slow learners while others are fast. Some have a low attention span while others have a higher level. Few students are good at visual cues while others are good at oral or verbal cues. Few students have high cognitive skills while others have better factual skills. This uniqueness of every individual makes the use of a variety of technological aids a necessity. The use of video and audio clips, informational animations, and online fun exercises makes it easier for the instructor of overcoming the challenge of engaging every student in the class. This ultimately enables the students learn using their own area of expertise.

  1. Acts as a visual aid

Who hates math? Almost everybody, the reason being all the boring formulas one needs to cram. Due to tech oriented teaching this problem has long been solved. The smartboards and screencasts have made the subjects like math, literature and geography pretty exciting. Students can now learn facts unconsciously while playing and captivated by fun. Researches also suggest that visual aids alongwith verbal instructions enhances learning. Hence learning has become fun, easy and quicker.

  1. Provides additional support to students who need it

Can you know about A lot of us have used online help from a number of resources to write essays. Whether its writing an academic article or making an assignment, we have all gone an extra mile to make our writings better. Apps, software, resource materials, and tutorials have added that extra cherry on the top which we always wanted. Therefore, whoever needs extra help no matter what time it is, the technology comes to the rescue.


  1. Makes learning fun and easy

Gone are the days when people used to believe in authoritarian, formal learning. Learning has now become more fun, interactive and instructional. It is due to technology that everybody has a fair share of knowledge and students usually interact and share their piece of knowledge. Solving problems through play and fun exercises not only eases learning but makes it fun as well.


  1. Enables people with special needs to grow and thrive

It is due to the advancement in technology that differently abled individuals and those with special needs are able to grow together with normal individuals. The smartphones coming with inbuilt audio options and software to help special needs people learn things is nothing more than a miracle. It was technology that helped Stephen Hawkings make his mark in history. Technology is doing wonders in learning and teaching. It is due to technology that impaired people feel nothing less as they used to feel in the previous times.


  1. Develops digital citizenship skills

The coming decades are definitely the times of Informational technology. In the present times and even in the future only those will thrive who have those extra digital skills which make them unique and better than others. Introducing technology at an earlier stage while teaching would hence build those digital citizenship skills which are considered important to succeed now.

Technology has helped students to avoid wasting times from piles of books for just one reference. They can easily look for relevant things on cloud and other relevant research engines. Research has become quite effective with technology. Students spend more time incorporating their skills and knowledge in the projects,

Therefore, the importance and the necessity of technology in our daily lives cannot be ignored instead it must be welcomed with open arms.

  1. Encourages Active learning rather than Passive learning


We all remember that time when students were taught in a serious, passive, formal, instructional manner. There was one source of information i.e. the teacher and the rest could not question the capability of that teacher. The extent to which the teacher knew was taught to students and nothing extra was inculcated in them. There was no concept of active participation of students in learning. Now things have changed to such an extent that students actively participate in things and learn through interaction and informal discussions. The credit goes to technology.


  1. Aids in improving the individual’s capabilities

Interactive technology sharpens the abilities of students. It helps in improving retention rate, increases creativity, builds more confidence anddevelops better decision making skills.Students can use platforms to teach the world with their knowledge which motivates them to work harder in their learning process. It also helps the teachers to leave the front desk and let the students express their knowledge.


  1. Helps learning at one’s own pace

Every student has a different mental caliber. It is not fair to treat every individual on the same level and with same techniques. Individualized instruction is provided to students through technology. As a result every student learns according to one’s own needs and abilities. This helps the instructor to spend more time with students who are struggling individually and hence takes along every student towards success based on individual pace.


  1. Open education for all connecting individuals globally

No matter in which part of world you are sitting, you can educate yourself through internet. Different universities offer online courses for everyone sitting anywhere. You do not have to take out time or spend on hostel expenditures, rather you can easily access courses over internet. Students can also connect with students in other part of world and learn from them. In this way, schools can inculcate new ideas in their curriculum inspired by better schools.


Technology has proven to be a huge asset in the advancement of education over the couple of years. Acquiring education is not difficult task for anyone. Age, money, gender and other factors are ruled out which used to be a hurdle in getting education. Technology has made education simple and accessible for all.