January 8, 2020 Murat2

5 Cool Apps to Save Your Family Budget

There are a lot of regular expenses in each family — you need to pay utility bills, buy products in the store, upgrade your wardrobe and so on. Moreover, unforeseen expenses occur periodically. All this leads to the fact that you can get nervous after a while, because there may not be enough money.

If you have already faced a similar situation, especially if this has happened more than once, then it is extremely important to be able to properly plan your budget. With proper planning, you can easily calculate all your expenses until you get enough money for absolutely everything and everyone. Your own smartphone will help you with that; you can install a useful application for accounting your expenses.

Assistants in Budget Planning

1. Spendee

The main Spendee task is to monitor how much you spend and on what. Moreover, it will help to create a budget so that the funds in your bank account do not end prematurely. By the way, you can connect your bank account to the program and perform all operations online.

Spendee provides a visual drawing and graphs of all our expenses, so you can easily determine where you can save money, see here the latest promotions from stores, as well as find out where you need to increase the budget. Additional usability of this application provides the ability to create a shared account for the family. So absolutely every family member will be able to control and monitor the overall budget in the personal smartphone.

2. Monefy

The Monefy app is one of the different calculators for your expenses. But at the same time, this is one of the simplest calculators that even an inexperienced smartphone or tablet user can master. Using the program is quite easy because you just need to enter the expenses data on time. It is enough to enter only the amount in the corresponding line and the program will analyze it.

Monefy can be used by multiple users, this will make it an excellent tool for accounting for family budget expenses. You can share the program with your Dropbox account and configure Monefy on multiple devices at once. At the same time, changing the data on one smartphone, it will change on all that are connected to the same account.

3. Wallet

The Wallet application helps to control the budget, plan it, as well as provides a detailed analysis of the funds spent. But this is not just a program where you can record how much money you spent during the day. This application is much smarter and able to connect to your bank account.

Due to the synchronization, all the reports that Wallet gives users are as accurate as possible. Besides, Wallet can help you plan your budget based on exactly what goals you want to achieve. Whether it is paying off debts, buying real estate or a car, rational use of available funds.

4. HomeBudget

You can access the application from several mobile devices at once. Thanks to this feature, access to one profile is open to any family member. This financial assistant is also equipped with a search engine, which greatly facilitates the search for the record you need. There is not only a debit but also a credit and savings account.

5. 1Money

Uncontrolled spending sooner or later leads to the fact that we run out of funds. That is why it is extremely important to keep a detailed account of the household budget. If you have already tried to do this, then you probably know that this is not an easy task. 1Money significantly simplifies the whole routine of home accounting; just install it on your smartphone or tablet.

1Money will help you quickly plan a budget for a day, week or month. Besides, you will get useful information about what you spend the most on with the help of this application.