June 13, 2018 Webby

5 easiest programming languages to learn for first-time learners

With today’s world shifting online, programming and developing is one of the best career options you might dream of. After you have done your research and decided to go for programming career, one of the first questions will be “What would be the best programming language to start off learning for a beginner like me?” I made a list of 5 programming languages that are not only pretty easy to learn, but are also considered quite lucrative nowadays.

1. Python

It is definitely the easiest programming language to learn for the first time learner. Introduced in 1980s, Python is free to use, even for commercial purposes. It is a widely used scripting language, which allows to produce large quantities of functional and easily readable code within a reasonable amount of time. The language is dynamic and flexible. These qualities make it one of the most widely used language nowadays.

Python is used by companies such as NASA, Yahoo! and Google. Some of the most popular websites are powered by Python: The New York Times, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

2. Ruby

Same as Python, Ruby is readable, practical, simple and suitable for people with no experience in programming. This language is used in developing mobile apps and websites. Ruby on Rails power such websites as GitHub, Groupon and Twitter. Is it also widely used for backend development for websites such as Slideshare, Hulu, Bloomberg, Shopify and Airbnb. You can start learning with a  20 minute start guide on the Ruby official website. There are also many great resources and helpful community available to answer all your questions.

3. JavaScript

This is a scripting language, primarily used for the frontend development as well as creating web games and cool websites. It is a very flexible and dynamic for object-oriented programming. You won’t even need to install anything when you approach it as it is already installed in your browser. It is considered to be a bit more difficult than the other languages on this list due to the fact that it is difficult to debug and it is untyped.

4. Java

It is one of the most popular and multi-purpose programming language in the world. It is an object-oriented language that can be found on all devices, operating systems and platforms. It is usually used for video games, desktop apps and Android apps. Even though Java might seem a bit complex for you, as a beginner, you will definitely benefit greatly from learning it. Besides, its set of fundamental core concepts will help you greatly to learn other technologies and languages.

5. C/C++

Even though C might seem a bit complex to learn for the beginner, I strongly recommend sticking to learning it as it is used in developing operating systems and in programming of system software.

C++ is a language, which is based on C and has added object oriented features, along with virtual templates and functions. It is widely used for web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps and games engines. C++ is fast and powerful and was utilized to build such websites as Chrome, PayPal, Amazon, Adobe Systems, and many more