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5 golden rules of cybersecurity

Security is one of the crucial factors that’s not taken lightly by businesses. To maintain adequate security measures, one should know when there’s danger and how to protect your data and reduce the risk of damages like the Jackpot city casino Canada.

So, as a business owner, you should always know and follow the golden rule of cybersecurity to keep your business safe from harm caused by cybercriminals and hackers.

  1. Always Think Before Clicking

You heard it right. You don’t have to click on things you know nothing about. Whether it’s an email, messages, or something popping up in your browser. As technology advancement continues, hackers utilize different varieties of new methods to acquire people’s information. So, to get started on the journey of protecting yourself, you shouldn’t click or open unknown attachments from unknown users.

To be on the safe side, you can always try verifying the sender’s domain. Ensure that the domain of the sender begins with HTTPS for safety. In recent cases, most emails from unknown users are often from spammers and cybercriminals with a method known as phishing. So, as a business owner in Canada, avoid clicking on fake links or opening unknown attachments.

  1. Always use Strong Passwords

Using a strong password is another great method for preventing hackers accessing your personal information. If possible, implement the strategy of using combinations of symbols, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase in passwords to make it more complex. Based on the view of Daniel Bennet, as an expert in guest post topics, you should avoid using anything that can easily be decoded on your passwords such as names, date of birth, mobile number, and others.

Whenever a hacker attempts to access the account of an individual. They implement the strategy of trying combinations of passwords that include names, numbers, and others. So, don’t use any related information on your passwords and avoid disclosing it to other people. Don’t use a serial combination on your passwords. For example, using something like 12345 or ABCDE will allow hackers to easily access your account. Create and utilize a complex combination of passwords with symbols, numbers, and letters to keep your account secured.

  1. Always Close your Device When It’s Not in Use

Don’t give people access to use your device, always lock it and close your device down after usage. Leaving your device open can lead to people accessing private information with your knowledge. Whether it’s a computer, phone, or tablet, you can add a lock code to restrict unauthorized access. If possible, add an automatic lockdown time to 39 seconds, which means even if you forget to close your device, it will automatically lock up before anyone accesses it.

  1. Avoid Connecting to Unknown Devices

You shouldn’t just connect with any device you see. Do not connect unknown devices to your computer, only connect to trusted devices to prevent adding viruses to your computer or mobile device. Avoid inserting unknown USB sticks in your computer to avoid your files being infected with viruses. Importantly, don’t use a public USB stick or external drive.

  1. Always have a Backup of Data

Anything unexpected can happen at any time leading to the loss of device data. So, it’s important to always back up your data regularly. You can choose cloud storage or a physical drive for regular backup of data. Backing up of data serves as a security measure that helps you keep important information secured and out the reach of hackers.

And you should endeavor to use a cloud system or physical drive that has a larger storage capacity to avoid data corruption.


The above 5 golden rules of cybersecurity protocols will give you an insight into how to secure your information from hackers.