September 29, 2020 Murat2

Amazing study tools every student should know

Studying in college is never easy: every day you face new tasks, projects, challenges, assignments and deadlines that make you stress out and hate what you are doing. Luckily, we live in an era of digitalization when we can get help with these problems and facilitate our lives. For example, sending a request like «Please, do my homework,» you can receive professional help from one of the student-oriented online services while using special digital tools, you can improve your academic performance. In this article, we will talk about the most helpful studying tools you should know and use every day. 

Top digital tools to improve your studies 

The era of tech advancements and constant development gives us plenty of opportunities. If earlier you had to bend over the pile of textbooks to complete your homework by the deadline, now you can use a homework helper for science and sleep well at night. A lot of new and more advanced tools appear every day, and it is easy to get lost in the ocean of opportunities. However, there are certain instruments, platforms and apps every student should know about and use every day to simplify their studying routine. On this list, you can find the most relevant ones:

1. Grammarly

This is one of the essential tools not only for students but for everyone. Even if you are sure in your grammar and have excellent writing skills, you are just a human and can make mistakes. Even a small typo can ruin the impression from your carefully composed research paper so checking it via this app you can be sure that everything is great. The tool will check not only grammar but also spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. It can also give recommendations on word changes to make it sound more professional;

2. Study Blue

With this website, you can improve your academic performance by finding answers to complex questions. The resource contains flashcards, blog and the whole library of research guides operated by the community. Students just need to post their questions on a specific subject and receive answers. For an extra $7 you can get premium access to over 400 million useful studying materials;

3. Quizlet

It is another great resource that lets students create their own diagrams, flashcards, interactive quizzes and games (all of which are aimed at studying, of course). This way, you can learn in a more entertaining and engaging way, absorbing information more easily than just reading textbooks or listening to lectures. With over 250 million samples, you can improve your learning experience and study on the go, anywhere and anytime;

4. Duolingo

You have probably already heard about this language program but if you still haven’t, then check it out. This resource is aimed at studying foreign languages and contains detailed guides and instructions on nine most popular languages. The tool can assist learners with games, lessons, interactive quizzes, including grammar and vocabulary explanations, and other interesting concepts. Here you can learn step by step and track your progress working on your weak sides. Duolingo is the best choice on the market of similar apps today;

5. Desmos

The next great tool on our list is an online calculator with the help of which students can model functions, create maps, and check the equations. The website and mobile app are extremely user-friendly, so you will have no problem with using it. Besides, the platform provides tips to get the most out of it. In the app, you can share and print the received graphs, and thus make Math and Physics studying easier and more engaging; 

6. Easy Bib

Students get a lot of papers on different subjects, and one of the main difficulties (except for tight deadlines, of course) becomes citing references. The app was developed to help students accurately cite books, articles, web pages and other sources. You should just check the barcode with the app and choose one of the options depending on your requirements. This tool is irreplaceable for all writing assignments;

7. Khan Academy

This tool is a personalized platform for learning; it contains over 3K of helpful lessons, different guides and tutorials on various subjects, quizzes and online activities for your convenience. The platform also provides Math, History, and Physics classes that you can take just using your smartphone. In the app you can receive feedback on your progress and on its YouTube channel you may find many extra relevant and interesting information;

8. Cold Turkey

Students need not only those resources where they can learn something but also those that will help them concentrate on their studies. For example, this app has the ability to block all irrelevant apps and websites for a fixed amount of time so that you have no other choice but study. If you constantly lack focus and procrastinate, this app is your best friend.