September 27, 2023 Staff

Cleaning alternatives: how to get rid of stains

Stains can be quite annoying, especially if they exist in one of your favorite shirts that’s worth much money. Fortunately, stains can be removed as long as you know how to do the job properly. However, it’s more complicated than it seems because there are many kinds of stains and each of them requires certain treatment. For example, you have to know how to get blood out of clothes to remove blood stains that stick to your clothes. The following are several things you have to know if you want to get rid of stains properly.

Act quickly

The first rule you have to obey when it comes to removing stains is to act quickly. No matter what type of stain that sticks to your clothes, it will become more and more stubborn the longer you leave it. So, you have to act as quickly as possible if you want to remove it completely and easily.

Identify the type of stain

The next important thing you have to do to get rid of stains properly is to identify the type. As mentioned before, there are many types of stains and each of them require different treatment. Those types of stains include water-based stains, oil-based stains, ink stains, and organic stains. Some examples of water-based stains are coffee, tea, and wine, while some examples of oil-based stains are grease and lipstick. As for organic stains, some of the examples are blood and grass stains.

Use the right stain remover solutions

Once you know what type of stain that you have to remove, the next thing to do is to use the right stain remover solutions. For water-based stains, you can use a clean cloth to absorb the liquid before you apply mild dish soap and water on it. Once it’s already covered, you can just rinse and dry it. As for oil-based stains, you can apply rubbing alcohol, acetone, or a commercial stain remover to the stains before you rinse and dry the surface. For ink stains, your isopropyl alcohol and a specialized ink stain remover will do the job, while cold water and mild detergent are enough to remove organic stains.

Have patience and persistence

Although you already know what type of stain that you have to remove and know what kind of stain remover solutions to use, that might still not be enough. It’s because when getting rid of stains, you have to have patience and persistence. You may immediately find out that removing stains is not as easy as it’s instructed when you try. This is quite common for first timers, and you may have to repeat the process again and again until the stain is completely removed.