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How Vaping Affects Appetite: All That You Need to Know

Obesity is killing people slowly as it comes with a lot of health drawbacks. As a result, experts have been investigating every potential solution to it. Probably, you have heard a lot about vaping and how it helps people to quit smoking. Likewise, experts and manufacturers have claimed that it has less negative effects on the body than cigarette smoking. However, not many have heard that vaping could be a solution to obesity. Are you curious? Well, many people are, and it is time to look at how this works. According to experts, reduced appetite is one of the desired qualities for promoting weight loss. And this is what vaping is thought to offer to its users. Let us dig deeper into how this happens.

Contents of E-Juice

E-juice is the liquid in a vape that is burned and inhaled by the user to produce vapor with flavor. Therefore, it is consumable and made of food-grade ingredients. Although e-juice has not been given a green light by all authorities, the ingredients used have been approved by these bodies in their raw states. Here are the ingredients that you should know.

  • Water – this is what makes the e-juice a liquid. It is the main ingredient, and consumers have nothing to worry about it. Manufacturers have to obtain the right permits that show their sources of water, treatment it undergoes to eliminate various pathogens, filtration to remove pollutants and the equipment that handles such water. The idea is to make sure that the water is safe for human consumption.
  • Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) – these are the base used in all e-juices. They are both FDA approved food-grade products used in the preparation of e-juice and other consumables. One of them can be used, or both can be mixed in a certain ratio to achieve the desired qualities. Although PG is used to make artificial smoke and fog for performances, it is heavily used in drugs and cosmetics production. It has a high throat hit, and experts think that it could play a part in suppressing appetite in obese people. On the other hand, VG is smooth and odorless and produces heavy smoke. To achieve e-juice with both qualities, both PG and VG can be mixed in a certain ratio.
  • Nicotine – this ingredient plays a major role, as we are going to see, in the suppression of appetite. It comes from plants in the nightshade family like tobacco. Today, it is also a crucial ingredient of e-juices. Nicotine suppresses appetite significantly, and this is thought to be a great thing for people who want to lose weight. It is also addictive, and once it gets into the body, a person will crave more unless she or he starts reducing the amount and eventually quits.
  • Flavoring – e-juices have different flavors to suit the desires of different people. Whether you prefer milk chocolate or passionflower, you can find flavors like these with ease. Today, some plants, flowers and herbs are added to e-liquids to provide flavor and medicinal benefits. A good example is eucalyptus, which aids in breathing and treating illnesses that affect breathing. Flavors can reduce obesity in ways that we will discuss below.

How E-Juice Suppresses Appetite

The main reason why e-juices are considered to help in weight loss is that nicotine is thought to suppress appetite. The danger is that this can lead to other health drawbacks in the process. Therefore, no medical expert will prescribe this as a weight loss solution. All in all, let us look at the common ways in which vaping might aid you in losing weight.


The presence of nicotine in e-juice varies according to experts from this helpful site. You can either get it in high or low doses. If you quit cigarettes and take up e-cigarettes, you have the option of regulating the nicotine level that you want to use. As soon as this happens, your appetite will be reduced without the dangers of suffering from stomach ulcers or breathing problems like in the case of smoking traditional cigarettes. This is not the ultimate solution in your weight loss journey, and there could be other side effects especially if you are allergic to smoke or any ingredients in e-juice vapor.

Doctors claim that mild doses of nicotine reduce the desire for food. Studies in the UK have confirmed that thousands of Brits, both beginners with nicotine and those who moved from cigarettes to vaping, have lost weight after they started vaping.

Currently, more studies are ongoing to identify if this is a permanent and reliable solution that can be medically prescribed to those with a desire to lose weight. For now, we can only wait for definite answers and clear directions from medical experts.


The presence of different flavors plays a role in suppressing appetite in all people. Probably, you have had a chocolate bar before a meal and ended up eating a smaller portion of food than usual. Apart from getting full from the chocolate, the flavor also provides satiation and decreases the desire to eat. The same also happens when you vape e-juice with different flavors. If you desire to eat smaller portions to shed some weight, it is time to research and discover e-juice flavors that will suppress the urge to eat junk, carbs and sugars.

Studies have been conducted to understand how some flavors are better at promoting weight loss than others. Most of them contain essential oils from the plants from which they are derived, and this makes them effective. Some of the best flavors include orange, lemon, peppermint and grapefruit just to mention a few. These foods are also known to have an effect on weight loss when eaten whole.

The hand-to-mouth action

The mechanical process of eating involves a hand-to-mouth movement. It is the same process involved in vaping. Thus, when people vape just before a meal, the body experiences a response from the brain that makes someone feel full. Eating feels like an additional process of the same type, and one cannot eat as much.

Some studies investigating the effect of e-juice on appetite have been examining this mechanical process and how much it will decrease appetite. Many people have confirmed that they feel less motivated to move to the table and grab a fork and knife for a meal if they vape a few minutes before their meal is ready. After all, they have already gone through the process of lifting and using their vape device, which is more than enough. If one is to enjoy a meal after vaping, it should be eaten two hours after finishing vaping.

Dry mouth

We all know that saliva plays a role in increasing appetite. This is why people eat an appetizer that stimulates the saliva glands before eating a larger meal. It is a natural process because saliva is needed for the first step of digestion. Vaping causes a dry mouth as one of the side effects. With this, people will struggle when eating food and even lose their appetites. This is more pronounced when the food served is something that they do not like a lot. Similarly, people will struggle to eat dry food.

Although a dry mouth is not something desirable and people who vape are advised to drink water to curb this, experts say that it has played a part in weight loss. After all, it has a negative effect on appetite.


This effect makes people feel like they want to vomit. It can be accompanied by headaches and stomach discomfort. Nausea automatically affects the appetite, and it is hard to eat some foods especially if they are oily. Again, if you do not like some foods, the feeling will be aggravated.

Medical experts attribute this condition to the presence of nicotine or certain flavors that are bitter or perceived by people as disgusting. Actually, some people are unable to eat certain meals after they start vaping. Therefore, it has been listed as one of the major causes of a suppressed appetite.


Nicotine and some flavors might cause a feeling of fatigue. Basically, this is a feeling that you get when you are worn out or exhausted. According to experts, many people cannot fully enjoy a meal in this state. Therefore, those who vape more are likely to experience this effect, and they will start eating less and less as a result.

Final Thoughts

For now, all these ways in which vaping might help in weight loss remain mostly speculation backed by limited facts and what medical experts think based on the few studies that have been conducted so far. More detailed research studies are ongoing to confirm these theories. But according to what has already been documented, there is significant hope in vaping as a solution in treating obesity. For now, we can only wait to see what the experts have in store for us in the future.