April 28, 2018 Murat2

Portuguese online gambling platforms getting benefitted by AI technologies

The Portuguese online gambling industry has taken the implementation of AI technologies seriously over the past few years. The advancement of technology has taken a new route in the past few years, as more extraordinary techs are discovered. When it comes to businesses, online gambling platforms are quite inclined to accepting new technological developments.

And with this strategy, the online casino industry has continued to thrive above other businesses leading to improved functions and features. Online casinos know that bonuses and promotional offers are not enough to satisfy customer’s curiosity. In the past few years, the Portuguese online gambling industry has implemented a lot of technological changes with trending innovations.

Today, there’s a lot of online gambling technology that enhances the playing experience of gamblers in Portugal. However, AI technology has been the latest implementation of trending innovations in casino game development. And the best part of AI technology is its benefits in development for online casinos like bingo online.

Here’s a list of benefits that the Portuguese online gambling platforms have experienced from AI technologies:

  1. AI in the Development of Security

According to the developmental statistics of the casino industry, AI technology has contributed a lot to the development of security. The casino industry makes use of money in their business every day. To ensure the safety of providing a secure service for customers, implementing adequate security protocol is necessary.

According to Martim Nabeiro here, as an expert in guest post topics, the use of AI in the development of advanced security indicates to players that their vital information is secured, as they play casino games in Portugal. Unlike other types of technology trends, the implementation of artificial intelligence has improved the online gambling industry. AI technology has brought a lot of advanced features to the casino industry that aids in the prevention of cyber-attacks.

  1. Implementation of AI by Casino Software Developers

Apart from providing improved security protocols, the AilI technology has contributed a lot to the development features of casino games. Nowadays, software developers implement AI tach to boost a game’s graphics, sound, and more.

  1. Chatbots

With AI technology, Portuguese casinos have developed powerful chatbots that are beneficial to customers. These chatbots can easily provide customers with the information they need to use the service of a casino. Instead of having customer support attending to gamblers on different issues, the use of chatbots simplifies everything. On the other hand, players can easily get answers to their questions without waiting in line for support.

  1. Game Recommendation

The implementation of AI technology in platform development is the reason why the game recommendation is possible. On online gambling platforms, once you had played a game or two. The system recommends other types of games based on your preference. And that’s not all because AI technology is also able to detect people who have a gambling addiction, through their pattern of playing. In most cases, it can also recommend a treatment solution based on the anticipated problems.

  1. Voice and Facial Recognition

The voice and facial recognition features are not only utilized by the Portuguese gambling industry. A lot of other businesses make use of these tech features to improve customer’s experience. Even smart devices utilize these features to process requests. The use of voice and facial recognition provides security as well as a fast method of processing information.


The online games sector has become very popular today due to the implementation of technologies like AI. With these tech features, the gambling industry has found a way to impress Portuguese customers and move their business forward.