August 26, 2018 Murat2

The Influence Of Artificial Intelligence On Online Gambling

Artificial intelligence has been a growing force in every industry for a long time. Finland has been adopting AI into new businesses and industries since the 1960s. The country wants everyone to be part of the AI revolution that is taking place in business today. There’s even a free online course that all citizens are encouraged to take.

Finland also happens to have some of the best online casinos globally, such as netti casino, and its gambling market is growing fast. Many innovations in the gambling world were a result of the development of artificial intelligence in casino gaming.

We spoke with an expert on the topic of AI and online gaming, Auli Wälkky. She helped us understand AI’s influence on the online gambling industry over the last few decades.

Better Player Experience

Casinos tirelessly collect information to help better your user experience. The industry has been at the forefront of many behavioural studies for a long time. They collect masses of data regarding your playing habits.

Casinos use this data to personalise promotions and games advertised to you. They can also use it to alter the casino or website’s layout and feel.

Gaming analytics and AI can help casinos collect more detailed data on each player and put together a sort of bio for them. Every player gets personalised game suggestions, bonuses, and customer support. This allows casinos to allocate resources better and understand their players and what they want.

Better Deals and Customer Service

We’ve mentioned that you’ll get personalised deals, but what does that mean? Often you’ll see an excellent free spins promotion only to find out you can only play it on one game. Or that the bonuses you choose never count towards loyalty points.

Online casino AI technology can analyse your gaming activity and make sure you only see games and rewards you’ll enjoy.

On the topic of personalised service, AI is helping customer service bots and representatives step up their game. AI can help create databases for shared info across the company. This way, customer service representatives can easily pull up your information and help you. The development of better AI in chatbots also avoids any hiccups that less advanced bots might encounter.

Preventing Cheating and Problem Gambling

As you know, AI is one of the critical tools in collecting data to analyse human behaviour and detect strange activity or bots. Many people try to use gambling bots to play many casino games at a time using artificial intelligence.

Luckily many online casinos now have their own AI protecting them and other players from cheaters like this. AI has also been critical in helping casinos (and payment facilitators) detect fraud and ensure that specific laws are upheld.

The casinos’ artificial intelligence systems track your gambling activity. They can flag anything that signals a gambling problem or addiction. Once flagged, they’ll likely suspend your account and/or offer help.

Many European countries, including Finland, have cracked down on illegal and problem gambling. There are many options for rehabilitation across the continent, and many of them are free or government subsidised.


There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives and has many great uses. When it comes to casinos and gambling, the trigger word when talking about AI is ‘personalisation’.

Online casinos are using increasingly advanced artificial intelligence to help personalise their websites. This is mainly used to analyse and understand their customers. The ultimate goal is to create a website that changes according to what you like, and many casinos already have this built-in.

It’s undeniable that the future of business and technological developments are linked. Online casinos and companies in other industries have already predicted this. They’re on the scene with the best and latest software to make your visit to their website as fun and easy as possible.