February 26, 2018 Ernest

These are the latest innovations in the car industry

Technology is constantly changing through the years. Whenever it does, everyone needs to keep up with it. Cars are no exception. It is evident that newer technology is incorporated in cars, making them better in functionality. It is a challenge of car owners to be able to interact well with these technologies, especially in safety and security. With all the amazing and jaw-dropping innovations, many people seek to buy and/or upgrade cars. And for that, car title loans completely online can help people’s dreams come true. 


Here are five of the latest trends in automotive technology.  


Connected Mobile Apps  

Carmakers recognize the importance of the smartphone. This small gadget packs in all the essential stuff we need in our everyday lives and it has the potential to enable car owners to interact with their vehicles. There are apps that allow them to lock or unlock their doors, check the state of their fuel or even tire pressure, and even start the car. We may have seen these in science fiction movies or TV shows but they are slowly becoming a reality.  


Software for Tracking Stolen Vehicles  

This is probably one of the in-demand features car owners seek next to keeping their cars secure. As the subject suggests, vehicles that will roll out this year may come with such technology that could help aid the authorities in tracking down stolen vehicles and returning them to their rightful owners. But the features may also allow for calling for help by sending out signals to rescue services in case of an accident that would save lives as well.  


Adaptive Cruise Control   

Cruise control is to cars as autopilots are to aircraft. If there is one benefit it gives is that it reduces the stress on the motorist, especially on long trips. More improved systems can do more than that. It can automatically adjust to traffic conditions such as matching the speed of cars in front or stopping and starting automatically in stop-and-go-traffic which can test people’s patience. Adaptive Cruise Control helps address that problem.  


Automatic Emergency Braking  

Another safety feature car owners will probably want is an automated braking system. The car will be equipped with sensors to sense any impending accident. If it does, it will automatically apply the brakes, thus averting disaster. The caveat here is it is only meant as a last resort if the driver is not paying attention.  


360-Degree Camera  

While most vehicles today are equipped with dashcams or rear-view cams, there is still that need for a camera that can provide a 360-degree coverage to ensure there are no blind spots. This may prove handy in low-speed crashes or the sort of accident that occurs when vehicle is parking. It can also save you from costly insurance claims should it require an investigation.