February 23, 2018 Ernest

What do wagering requirements mean?

Many people get into gambling as a hobby. Some of them even went on to make a full-time career out of it. While the latter may not be a feasible option for many, it can still be considered a relaxing pastime or a money-making hobby. For newbies who want to get into betting more, there are certain terminologies that need to be learned and understood, like wagering requirements. 

What is it? 

Wagering requirements refer to the bet that you need to place in order to claim the Main Cash bonus, should you win it, under the condition that players use bonuses or free spins to play. Wagering requirements vary depending on the games played and per casino. They are usually based on the bonus amount.  

Wagering requirements calculations 

Wagering requirements calculations appear as a number. The number acts as a multiplier to the bonus amount to determine the wagering requirement. For example, the bonus amount is USD 10. If the wagering requirement is 50x, that means players multiply USD 50 by 50x, which is USD 500. This means USD 2,500 should be wagered in order for the USD 50 bonus to be released, should they win the bonus.  

How do players meet wagering requirements and get the bonus? 

Players need not blow the wagering requirement on one game only, in one sitting. They just need to accumulate a total of USD 2,500 in wagers on eligible games in order to be eligible in withdrawing the bonus later on.  

Sometimes, some online casinos offer tiered wagering requirements over a period of time. It may be as short as 7 days to as long as 60 days. They just simply give players some leeway in accumulating the wagering requirement so players do not have to lay out cash in one go. 

Winnings are usually pegged and kept in the players’ account balance until the wagering requirement is met. Once it is met, the balance is released into the players’ wallet and can be withdrawn. 

Are wagering requirements always required? 

Some online casinos do not have wagering requirements on free spins. These no wager casinos espouse the belief that your winnings are won fair and square and are yours to keep. Such online casinos are ComeOn!Kaboo, Thrills, Guts, and SuperLenny. 

Last word on wagering requirements 

Wagering requirements are perfectly legal. To avoid any confusion and misunderstanding and prevent wrong expectations, it is always wise to check the terms and conditions thoroughly before playing and betting cash online. Players should always bear in mind that registering or signing up is tantamount to accepting all the terms of the site.