June 13, 2018 Webby

What It Takes To Be A Professional Programmer

You do not wake up one day and find yourself having all the skills in programming. It takes industrious and illustrious steps taken in an unrelenting manner so as to be among the peak programmers. The road is not as easy as pie. It is rough and somehow one may feel like giving up, but soldiering on in spite of the innumerable challenges makes one emerge triumphant. Professional programmers do more than just writing code.

A tool kit of an array of critical skills is necessary as you work in a team of knowledgeable persons. Moreover, knowing a programming language does not guarantee you that you are now a professional developer. Some of the skills that other than coding that can take you to the top of programming world are:

  • Effective communication

Programming is not a loner’s craft. It actually requires a lot of communication as you work with others. Once you are hired as part of a development team for a certain company, you will be expected to communicate and relate well with your colleagues. Ensure that you can talk clearly and in a convincing manner even if you are an independent developer.


In order for you to be better in communication, read a lot of emails loudly, ensure that you publish some articles, and be open to criticism. You could also take up some lessons in communication in a college so as to be right in communication. It is very critical.

  • Polish your problem solving skills

Once you have understood a coding language well, you may be forced to think that you have now reached the cream of programming. Unfortunately, no you are not. Rookie developers lack the aspect of problem solving skill. You need to be able to connect a piece of program with another.

It is a fact that some gurus in programming cannot find their way out of a paper bag. For instance, once you develop a code, ensure that all its functionalities are okay because you might spend many hours troubleshooting only for a slight problem like connection to the server port! Practice is key here if at all you are to be top in solving problems. Focus on the logic behind simple applications like calculators, and learn to think like a computer instead of seeking to understand the language only.


  • Be keen to learn

The ever evolving field of technology needs one to be on toes since new codes and languages always keep cropping up. Your knowledge as a developer should be up to speed with the changing world. Learn new software and hardware as well. Do not keep mum.

Use your mind well by first learning how a language works first before learning the theory behind it. This serves your brain well, and learning a new thing may not be such a daunting task. Comprehension is part of learning, and you will understand a lot more if your brain is committed to comprehend what is on offer. You will not memorize everything. Seek to understand first. Take notes and revise them regularly.