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What Professions Should Online Gamblers Choose?

If you are an ardent lover of online gambling, you’ve probably wondered if there is any way you can make a decent living from gambling online alone. The good news is,  there are several online gambling professions that can rake in a sizeable income for you. Professional gambling is a worthwhile career path, although, as with any other career, it might take a while before you get good at it. The amount of money you make as a professional gambler might be slightly unstable at first, but with time you could get a steady stream of income.

If you intend to pursue a profession in online gambling, you might be surprised to find out that there are many niches you could specialize in. There are a lot of ways you can make money through online gambling and each one comes with its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we go into detail about the various professional gambling options available to enable you to pick the profession that suits you the most.

Poker Games Player

Playing poker games is a familiar, direct way to make real money on online casino websites. Many professional players make a lot of money each day simply by playing online poker games. However, becoming a professional at poker playing can be somewhat difficult. If you play online poker for fun, you might be fine with not making a significant profit from it, but once it becomes your job, you have to make sure that your wins greatly outweigh your losses. 

To succeed as a professional online poker player, you need to steadily target inexperienced players at live poker games. These players will bring you the most income because they lack the experience that you have and will likely lose to you most of the time. To earn even more money, you can enter high-stake tournaments. Although these tournaments involve a lot of risks, winning them can bring you large amounts of money.  The only downside to professional poker playing is the amount of risk it involves. If you intend on going down this career path, you can minimize the risks a little by intensively studying effective poker techniques and how to apply them.

It is advisable when starting, that you focus your efforts on only one type of poker game, such as the Texas Hold ‘Em, so that you can properly hone your skills. Other types of poker games you can choose to focus on include:

  • Omaha High;
  • Seven Card Stud;
  • Razz;
  • Badugi;
  • Five-Card Draw;
  • Mixed Poker.

Casino Games Player

Playing online casino games professionally is one of the most flexible options on this list. Many online casino sites have thousands of casino games available for players to enjoy. Exploring the wide array of games available to you is your best bet in securing high amounts of real money income. Some popular casino games are listed below:

  • Slot machines;
  • Baccarat;
  • Craps;
  • Roulette;

Of all these games, perhaps the easiest and quickest to play are slot machines. There are different types of slot machines available in online casinos, but the lowest risk slot machines are the penny slot machines. These slot machines, just like the physical Vegas penny slots, need only a penny at a time from players. Modern penny slot machines are important to professional casino players because it allows them to win money at very low risk. With these slots, you can play games as many times as you want without being at significant risk of losing a lot of money. Penny slot games are as enjoyable as other slot games, but they come with the advantage of reduced risk.

Another advantage of casino players is the possibility to play free online penny slots because they are absolutely the same as real-money ones and have the same features but they let the players have practice and avoid any risks. These free games are usually chosen for having fun but professional gamblers choose them to try their hand before moving to get income.

Playing casino games professionally can be very profitable because casino games on average tend to have great odds. To understand casino odds, there is first a need to understand house edge. The house edge is the percentage of your bet that the house (or online casino) keeps to itself as profit. The lower the house edge for a particular game, the better the odds. Below is a table of popular casino games and their respective house edges.

Casino GameHouse Edge
CrapsFrom 1.4%
BlackjackFrom 0.72%
BaccaratFrom 1.06%
RouletteFrom 1.35%

Matched Bettor

Becoming a matched bettor is a minimal risk, easy way to enter the world of professional gambling. Matched betting involves taking advantage of the bonuses offered by many casinos upon sign-up and using them to wager until the maximum amount of money is made. Online casinos do not allow new players to withdraw their bonus money but the money can be used to wager multiple times, and the winnings can be withdrawn. If you do this with all the online casinos you can find, soon enough, you would have a substantial amount of money on your hands. This type of professional casino gambling requires you to spend very little money, which translates to minimal risk for you. On the other hand, there is only so much you can make from gambling this way. Although it is a great way to get introduced to professional gambling, it is not feasible as a long-term source of income.

Skill-Based Games Player

Though poker, which is a skill-based game, has already been mentioned in this article, there are other lucrative skill games you can specialize in as a professional online gambler. The outcome of these games does not depend on luck as much as it does on skill and experience. Skill games are available in all modern online casinos and they are a great way to make a lot of money. 

The main advantage of playing skill games professionally is that it is more stable and predictable than most other gambling professions. However, it takes a lot of time and dedication to master the games well enough to be able to make a decent income from them. Here are a few examples of skill-based games available in most online casinos.

  • Rummy;
  • Craps;
  • Keno;
  • Blackjack;
  • Solitaire.

Sports Bettor

If casino gambling is not your cup of tea and you’re more concerned with betting on sports, then professional sports betting might be a viable career choice for you. Betting on sports professionally involves being very familiar with one or two sports. To make things easier when you are just starting, it is advisable to focus on just one sport. When you have picked your sport of interest, you can proceed to make calculated bets and gather income. 

To be able to make a sizeable income from sports betting, you need to have an intimate understanding of bankroll management. Even if you are certain of what the outcome of a sporting event will be, it is good practice to spread out your bets, to prevent devastating losses.

To figure out which sports bets have the best chance of winning, you can take advice from online tipsters who specialize in monitoring the games to give tips to bettors. This, added to your personal experience, gives you an added advantage as a professional sports bettor and allows you to make informed bets. 

Sports Arbitrage Bettor

Put in simple terms, sports arbitrage betting involves placing informed bets on both outcomes of a sporting event, so whatever happens, you end up making a profit. This works best when there is a significant odds difference at separate bookmakers. Such odds differences usually mean that both bookmakers do not agree on what the outcome of the sporting game will be. Sports arbitrage betting can earn you a lot of money quickly if done properly.

An example of the way it works is: Consider a situation where two bookmakers both give odds of 2.4 for opposing teams in an upcoming basketball game. If you spend $100 in total ($50 each) placing opposing bets in those two different bookmakers, then, you end up locking in a profit regardless of the outcome of the actual game. $50 multiplied by 2.4 is $120, so in this hypothetical scenario, you can make up to 40% profit. 


Gambling online is fun and exciting, but aside from being an entertaining pastime, it can be a great way to make money. There are various options out there for online gambling enthusiasts to professionally pursue their passion. If you take the time to develop your skills and properly hone them, professional online gambling can be a lucrative venture for you.