February 24, 2018 Ernest

What type of games are the most addictive?

You go to a casino to have fun. You go out for a nice dinner, usually with a few friends or with your girlfriend. You play a few games and, maybe, win something. It’s a different story if you’re addicted to casino games. Then you aren’t there to enjoy a nice evening but simply because you can’t survive without it. You’re so determined to win back the money you’ve lost, so you bet even more. That’s not a situation you want to be in. So, we’re here to educate you on how to avoid this. But why are casino games so addictive? And which games are the most addictive?

Why are casino games so addictive?
In short, you will get addicted to every casino game. This is due to the distinction between gambling games and other games of chance, such as the lottery. When you buy a lottery ticket, you won’t know if you’ve won right away. There is a period of time between buying the lottery ticket and the outcome. It’s not the same for casino games. You set your bet and play the game at a casino, and you get the result in an instant. This is what they call a dopamine shot. So, the incentive to play again is very high because it feels good and exciting.

The slot machines
The slot machine is the casino game with the most of this dopamine aspect. After all, when you gamble money on a slot machine, the machine spins and you instantly know whether you win or not. If you were close to winning, the desire to gamble again is very high.

The appearance of the slot machine is also essential. People like flashing lights, colours, and sounds. As seen objectively, a slot machine is nothing more than a large black box with a slot for inserting money. Yet, no one would put a penny in the machine if slot machines looked like that. So, a slot machine is designed to surprise you but still ensuring that you bring in as much money as possible.

Alcohol is another element that comes into play, especially for slot machines. Slot machines can be used in pubs and restaurants as well as in casinos. A cocktail or a beer is causing you to play more impulsively and blur the limits. You’ll easily spend more money than you wanted to.

What can you do?
One suggestion is to begin by playing on an online slot machine. For example, you can play games via Slothino bonus. This way you can play a game of slots for free. This way, you don’t risk wasting a lot of money, and it’s less of a challenge if you play for several hours a day.

In conclusion, our advice is not to never gamble on a slot machine or to never play casino games. It’s just critical that you’re mindful of the risks and can understand the warning signs.