May 26, 2017 Webby

Excellent Mail Day

So my order from Jinx arrived today and I finally got a chance to read the back of the Revolution is not an AOL Keyword tshirt I bought. For those who are too young to recognize the allusion, The Revolution will not be Televised was written and performed by poet/musician Gil Scott-Heron (1 April 1949 -). I have a copy of it on Black Power: Music Of A Revolution, an ablum I highly recommend for anyone interested in the Black Power movements speeches and music (both of which are collected on this 2-disc set). Anyway, enough history.

Revolution is not an AOL Keyword was penned by Eddan Katz in March of 2003 and uses the same structure as Televised to great effect. Heres a sample:

Revolution will not promise penile enlargement.
Revolution will not get rid of spam.
Revolution will not earn you up to $5000 a month
Working from home, because revolution is not
An AOL Keyword, Brother.

And, while quite humorous, it does pack a few strong political punches:

Revolution is not an AOL Keyword.
Revolution will not be brought to you on Hi-Def TV
Encrypted with a warning from the FBI.
Revolution will not have a jpeg slideshow of Dubya
Calling the cattle and leading the incursion by
Secretary Rumsfeld, General Ashcroft and Dick Cheney
Riding nuclear warheads on their way to Iraq,
Or North Korea, or Iran.

I dont think any shirt Ive bought has made me smile quite so much.

Other clothing arrivals include the now infamous All Your Base and Stop Laughing. Computers are cool now. tshirts. And soon to debut on my car is the classic Pirates are way cooler than ninjas bumper sticker (dont worry, I only put stickers on glass).

Also in the mail today was yet another addition to my ever-expanding reading list: Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion. I am currently reading The Pragmatic Programmer and become more impressed with each page turn. It is like a philosophical/spiritual guidebook for geeks. Im loving it.

And since I am on the topic of books, I wanted to throw out this teaser: I just finished reading the rough draft of a book by a good friend and colleague and I cant wait until all of you can read it too. It reinforced a lot of my deeply-held beliefs and even taught me a few things. Thats all I am saying for now. I will post more on it later, when the book is nearing delivery, but I thought Id peek your interest (well, the interest of the three of you reading this).