May 26, 2017 Webby

jsTrace two days on

The reception for our latest script release, jsTrace, has been fantastic. From the write-up on the DOM Scripting Task Force blog to all of the emails and comments. It was great.

The past few days have seen many ideas, requests and enhancements sent my way. Some have been rolled into the jsTrace 1.1 release which I made public today. One such enhancement (brought to us by Joe Shelby) I have dubbed memory, as it allows the debugging window to remember both its position and size the next time it is opened (via cookies). Further enhancements have been made to the underlying code to streamline development of additional tools for the bottom toolbar and the font size of the bottom toolbar has also been increased (per several requests).

I hope you all enjoy the improvements. Keep em coming.

Update: Weve also been mentioned in